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Underdog Vape is an e- commerce business based in Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland. We provide vaping products of the highest quality and aim to offer exceptional customer service and competitive prices. At Underdog Vape, the customer is our number one priority.
Location: Auckland
Website: underdogvape.co.nz
Rating: 5/5 (1 reviews)
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Review by Jaimee Lee Rating: 5/5

" Love my new vape and the juices I purchased. Great pricing and super fast shipping.  "

May 5th, 2020

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by Vaporesso
Vaporesso – Target PM80 Kit
Target PM80 Pod Kit Vaporesso Target PM80 which is built with quality and design for its small size and big capability Capable of reaching a max output of 80W with a 2000mAh battery and equipped with 0001s instafire ... read more
Also sold by: electriccigarettenz.co.nz vapoureyes.co.nz caktusvape.co.nz mixologyvape.co.nz

by Vaporesso
Vaporesso – Swag 2 Kit
Presenting the second generation of SWAG giving you more power in the palm of your hand By adopting a special formulated rubber coating it is now even lighter and more durable with a hand feel that will give you next ... read more
Also sold by: dubcityvape.co.nz thevapingkiwi.co.nz vapo.co.nz vapoureyes.co.nz
Mr Wicky Salts - Brewed Milk And Coffee
Brewed Milk And Coffee by Mr Wicky Salts. For all the coffee lovers out there, a smooth coffee mixed with milk. read more
Also sold by: craftyeliquids.com vapoureyes.co.nz atvape.co.nz
Mr Wicky Salts - Sherbet Berry And Grape
Take a trip back in time with this grape and berries sherbet nic salt juice from Mr Wicky Salts. read more
Also sold by: craftyeliquids.com vapoureyes.co.nz shakeandvape.co.nz
Mr Wicky Salts - Splice Lime Pineapple
Splice Lime Pineapple is a sweet and zesty pineapple lime popsicle with subtle undertones of vanilla ice-cream and a cool finish. read more
Also sold by: craftyeliquids.com vapoureyes.co.nz atvape.co.nz
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