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Our mission is to bring NZ great e-juice flavours from around the world at competitive rates.
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by Acid Juice
Acid Juice – Watermelon Sour Candy
Watermelon Sour Candy The best of the best within the series must be the Watermelon Sour Candy Red ripe watermelon with a sour twist Perfect for an all day vape Flavour profileCandy Watermelon Sour Sugar PG30... read more
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by Juicy Salts
Juicy Salts – Double Apple
Blended with the sweetness of double apple that will surely satisfy your craving for a juicy fresh apple read more
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by Juicy Salts
Juicy Salts – Pomegranate
Juicy Salts Pomegranate A refreshing taste of fresh pomegranate in every puff The sourness and fairly sharp taste of real fruit read more
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