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E-Liquids NZ is a proud stockist of NZ original and international vape juices and nicotine salts. E-Liquids NZ also stocks both tobacco and minty/menthol flavours for anyone looking to enjoy a vaping experience as close to cigarette smoking as possible. Don't forget to check out our range of nicotine salt E-liquids in low strength for sub-ohming and dripping, and high strength for pods!
Location: New Zealand
Phone: (03) 974 8136
Website: eliquids.nz
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by Vapors E-Juice
Vapors E-Juice – Minty Menthol
Minty Menthol premium flavoured ejuice A fresh breath is always welcome and this eliquid comes with tons of freshness and a strong icy cold touch The EasyPuffx2122 New Minty Menthol eJuice is no ordinary product Its ... read more
Also sold by: electriccigarettenz.co.nz vapeshed.co.nz

by Mount Baker Vapor
Mount Baker Vapor – Desert Rain
Desert Rain Desert Rain brings together the flavours of kiwi strawberry and vanilla bean ice cream to give you the taste of the oasis read more
Also sold by: electriccigarettenz.co.nz nzvapor.com
Stratus Pod Kit
Stratus Pod Kit The Stratus Pod Kit is one of the most userfriendly easy to use pods on the market Designed for people looking for a less harmful alternative the Stratus is a costeffective device for anyone looking t... read more
Also sold by: vapourium.nz nzvapor.com electriccigarettenz.co.nz

by Aotearoa E-Juice
Aotearoa E-Juice – Energy Drank
Energy Drank A tasty guarana flavouredvape juice Inspired by energy drinks like Red Bull and V this eliquid is a great one to have during your morning smoko break Aotearoa EJuice is a new range of tasty flavours m... read more
Also sold by: vapourium.nz electriccigarettenz.co.nz

by Mount Baker Vapor
Mount Baker Vapor – Blue Moo
Blue Moo Weve seen it with our own eyes For those who havent imagine a sweet river of blueberries frothy cream and decadence That is Blue Moo read more
Also sold by: electriccigarettenz.co.nz nzvapor.com vapoureyes.co.nz
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